Regarded as the biggest nation in Central Europe, Germany is composed of 16 states that are abundant with unique cultures and promising tourism potential.

This video, uploaded by InternationalTravel, only portrays how the modern and engineering façade that this European country shows off is pleasantly balanced by its ancient-world charisma and warmth.

You will see in this video how Germany hot spots and tourist attractions do not only stop dead at the usual Alpine hats, beer or lederhosen. As quoted in the video,

“A land of history and of the future… With fascinating diversity, guaranteed to raise your pulse. Discover Germany’s most beautiful spots—each region is different, with its own character, its own beauty. Experience cultural landscapes—rich in tradition and untouched nature.”

“Which region of Germany is going to warm your heart? Take the plunge. Dive into the vibrant life of the cities—and discover Germany’s youngest side. Feel the pulse in the air.”

Certainly, typical perceptions about this country may change once you allow yourself to embrace its ancient regions as well as the local diversity that both of its modern and natural landscapes boast of.

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