Correna Tymchen

Travel Consultant
Correna Tymchen

Hi Everyone,

My name is Correna Tymchen, I have been in the travel industry going on eleven years. I enjoy travel of course lol, sports, reading and a little gym time. My travel adventures have taken me on a few cruises, Royal Caribbean, Holland America and as well Princess. The itineraries varied from the Mexican Riviera to numerous ports in the Caribbean. I have also been lucky enough to have visited Japan with Silk Holidays, Thailand (Krabi) and as well Hong Kong again with Silk Holidays and the Hong Kong Tourist Board. One of my most memorable experiences was to the Cook Island with Anderson Vacations, the sand, water and people always make me smile when I reminisce. Though my adventures across the pond have been limited until the spring of 2020, I did visit Scotland and London. The Highlands are a must when you are in the UK. Yes, I have been to Puerto Vallarta too many times to count, Cancun and the Mayan about the same, also I have visited Jamaica twice, Antigua twice and then Barbados. Disneyworld was one of my busiest trips to date, I spoiled my niece as my son was too cool to travel with mom when he was a teenager lol. I have also been to Las Vegas a few times and there really isn’t anything better than Vegas when you want a four or five day getaway.

My future plans for travel include a Just for You tour this coming spring. As a Solo traveller I am always on the lookout for any options for myself and as well friends and family. The single supplements that we have to pay when we travel alone just don’t seem fair but when you look at it from a business stand point it makes sense. There are a few companies in the travel industry who understand that singles do travel and don’t want to be penalized and as well don’t want to share accommodations. You have options from ocean cruise, river cruise and as well guided tours. We all would like to travel with likeminded travellers, I have no problem travelling along but some just are not comfortable being on their own for their full trip and would like to have someone to maybe have lunch or dinner with once in awhile.