The Truth About Booking Early

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The Truth About Booking Early

With summer fast approaching, memories of those dark and snowy winter days fade away. It's BBQ season, the kids will soon be out of school, summer vacations and weekends are booked up! But here's why you SHOULD think about winter - to plan your next vacation early!

Canadians are big fans of last minute deals, and we get the appeal, sometimes you can get very lucky with a deal. But we're here to tell you why it's (nearly) always better to book early.

You'll get better value

Better value is the number one perk of booking early. Travel suppliers will always want to fill vacancies as early as possible, so the earlier you buy, the better value you'll get. This is especially true when it comes to air travel, as the cheaper seats tend to sell out first, meaning you could be stuck with a more expensive ticket. 

On the off chance the prices do drop, many companies offer price drop protection on their vacation packages as part of their early booking bonus, so you're guaranteed the best rate. Early booking bonuses will also often offer added values, such as seat selection, upgrades or future travel vouchers, so you really are getting the most bang for your buck.


You'll have more choice

Have you ever showed up late to a party and you're left with the odd slice of quiche and a few sandwiches on the buffet table? Think of your vacation the same way: if you arrive early then every available option is laid out before you.

They say the early bird catches the worm, and this definitely applies to travel. Hotels will have a bigger selection of rooms available, which can mean the difference between an ocean or city view. Booking a cruise early can give you first dibs on the best staterooms with bigger balconies, better views and more. Booking in advance also gives you more options for flights, which is especially important if you've got limited vacation time.

Whatever kind of vacation you want, booking early gives you the best chance to travel on the dates you want, to go exactly where your heart desires, to stay in the hotel that ticks all the boxes, and to secure the room you've been dreaming of.


You can enjoy the build up

There’s nothing nicer than knowing you have a trip booked. Studies have shown that having something to look forward to improves productivity, your sense of wellbeing and your overall state of happiness – something that you can miss out on if you book last minute. Knowing that the trip is taken care of also leaves you and your family more time to relax and enjoy the build up, plan fun excursions and generally make all of your friends green with envy. 

And if you're having a bad day in the office, you can take a break and look up pictures of the beach you'll soon be on, or look up restaurants near where you'll be staying and get excited over the delicious food you'll soon be eating - there's no better cure for the Mondays!


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