Sayulita: Surfing and Mexican flavor

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Sayulita: Surfing and Mexican flavor

One word rules over the rhythm of this picturesque and high-spirited corner of the Mexican Pacific: surfing.

One word rules over the rhythm of this picturesque and high-spirited corner of the Mexican Pacific: surfing. The lovers of this sport are those who give Sayulita its relaxed cosmopolitan atmosphere. Paved streets, art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants will make you think of a typical Mexican village such as San Miguel de Allende, with the delicious advantage of having the sea just a few steps away.

Who is Sayulita recommended for?
Sayulita is a beach for the adventurers. Age is not important or whether you come with family, as a couple or with friends. Visitors to Sayulita are defined by a great disposition towards new experiences, whether trying their hand at a surfing class, to camping on the beach and making friends from around the globe. In this Riviera Nayarit paradise there is a variety of adrenalin fuelled activities to keep your senses wide awake.

Sayulita Experiences
Something you cannot miss at this location is the surfing. If you are experienced, its waves will be a good challenge for your skill on the board; if you are not, here you will find a lot of experts ready to instruct you. Annually, the waves of Sayulita are the setting of different surfing contests attended by competitors from all around the world.

You will also be able to practice other aquatic activities, such as snorkelling and kayaking, or take part in exciting activities on land, such as a horseback ride on the beach, an adventure in the surrounding rainforest to observe birds, or a bicycle tour. Depending on the time of year you can observe whales or set free turtles. Being part of the Nayarit Riviera, you will find other places that can enrich your trip such as San Blas for those who like the culture and Punta Mita for an experience of luxury and relaxation.

Another unique experience that Sayulita offers is the encounter with huichol art. There are various galleries where you can admire and buy wooden figures covered with colored beads and yarn paintings that recreate the world view of this village.

How to get there
From Puerto Vallarta take the federal highway 200.  After 80 kilometers you will find the Sayulita detour. You can also take a bus from Puerto Vallarta which will take you to this lovely corner of Riviera Nayarit.


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