Reduced Access to TSA Pre✓ Lanes for Non-Members

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Reduced Access to TSA Pre✓ Lanes for Non-Members

Starting February 2017, the Transportation Security Administration will "significantly reduce" access to its TSA Pre✓ expedited physical screening lanes. Only those customers who have paid for and enrolled in a Department of Homeland Security trusted traveller program, such as TSA Pre✓, will have the most frequent and consistent access to expedited screening lanes. ​

This change means that travellers, who have been receiving TSA Pre✓ for free will see the TSA Precheck logo on their boarding pass much less often and will be directed to standard security lanes.

Travellers  looking to move through security more quickly have several options:

  • Membership to the TSA Pre✓ Application Program, which costs $85 for five years and enables applicants to apply online, submit to a background check and visit one of more than 380 enrollment sites  across the country.
  • Global Entry, which comes with the benefit of TSA Pre✓ access as well as expedited clearance for travellers reentering the U.S. and costs $100 for a five year membership with a similar application process.
  • Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members can select Global Entry application vouchers through Choice Benefits, a loyalty program feature that only Delta provides its elite Members.

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