How To Kill Time While Waiting In An Airport

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How To Kill Time While Waiting In An Airport

These 6 ways are sure to help you unwind before hopping on your next flight.

Maybe your flight is delayed, you have a long layover or you arrived early for your flight; whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself needing to keep busy as you wait for your aircraft to arrive. Yes, you could head to the closest airport bar, but that may leave you penniless and hung-over. Consider these less expensive and rejuvenating options.

Ponder Some Artwork
Many airports now have art exhibits, either permanent or temporary. In Miami you will find a display that reflects the area’s global culture. At Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport there are several small galley spaces with rotating exhibits. More showcases can be found at San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Diego and Tucson Airports.

Enjoy Nature Indoors
At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport you can relax in the “Urban Garden” and if in Honolulu you can wander through a series of outdoor garden areas.

Ommmm, Get Your Yoga On
Not surprisingly the idea of a yoga room in an airport first started in San Francisco, but now these types of rooms are popping up all airports all over. Dallas, Chicago and Burlington all have them.

Find Tranquility
Aside from the yoga mats, you can choose to simple unwind and meditate at these popular airports: Albuquerque, Newark, Raleigh-Durham, and San Diego.

Break A Sweat
Many airports now have gyms included, either for a nominally fee or for free. Some also offer the rental or purchase of work out gear so there is no need to worry about bringing your own.

Be Soothed
Ok, so this one may cost you a bit, but how good would a legs-and-foot massage feel or a facial for parched skin all tailored specifically for weary travellers. Many airport have spa services to help passengers unwind before a flight.

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