Travel Stories | Hong-kong

Hong Kong Insider's Guide: East Meets West

A fusion of two worlds With a remarkable history that moves through Chinese immigration, colonization by the British and subsequent handover into a Special Administrative... read more

Hong Kong Insider's Guide: Urban Buzz

Shop ‘til you drop Hong Kong offers the quintessential shopping experience: from its giant designer malls and packed street markets to its bargain outlets, you’ll... read more

Hong Kong Insider's Guide: Enduring Culture

A few weeks, days or just hours are enough to get you hooked on the incredible city that is Hong Kong! Whether you’re a first... read more

Quick Guide to Hong Kong's Great Outdoors

Citylife and cityscapes – Asia’s world city is the ultimate urban destination. But contrast is never far away. Nor are the outlying islands, quaint villages,... read more

Culture & Heritage of Hong Kong

Taoist temples and Edwardian edifices nestle between skyscrapers, people trade on international markets and light incense to bodhisattvas, vestiges of Chinese clan heritage and European... read more

Top Food to Try in Hong Kong

In a city of sizzling woks, tinkling wine glasses, cosy eateries, pungent cooking aromas, celebrated culinary festivals and trend-setting chefs, everywhere you turn there is... read more

Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong

Avenue of the Stars Experience the stunning views of the harbour tower above you while the names of Hong Kong's movie icons lie beneath your... read more

Hong Kong Airport Express

Flying into Hong Kong International Airport can be an expensive and time-consuming venture.  Overpriced taxis can take up to an hour to get to downtown... read more