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Your guide to: Hawaii

VISIT HAWAII: GET STARTED How do you choose which island to visit? Kick it in Kauai, home to the dramatic Napali Coast, or make it... read more

Hawaii Highlights for the First-Time Traveller

Kauai: The Oldest of the Hawaiian Islands  Waimea Canyon – photo by TLPOSCHARSKY (Flickr) Hanapepe: When visiting the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, it’s only fitting... read more

Thrilling Hawaiian Activities for the Adventurous Couple

Maui:  Take a bike ride from Maui’s highest peak, Haleakala Crater, down to sea level and enjoy scenic views along the way! Many tours are... read more

Fun Activities To Do In Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands offer a vast number of activities. Hiking and eco tours are popular on most islands, with opportunities for horseback riding, ATV, air... read more

Quick Look at Hawaii's 4 Most Popular Islands

You could visit one tropical island, but hey, four are way better. so why not island hop?! Honolulu, Oahu The capital of Hawaii is a... read more

What You Need To Know About Visiting The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is a popular destination, especially for those Canadians living in the West. Oahu is the most popular island and where the majority of flights... read more

Summer BBQ's Around the World

BBQ season is almost upon us! And when it comes to barbecuing, everyone has a technique they swear by. In Canada, that may go no... read more

Visit Hawaii

If island hopping is on your travel wish list for the new year, then Hawaii should definitely be on your radar. The Hawaiian Islands have... read more

Oahu Adventures

The waves at Waimea Bay roar. From the safety of the shore you watch as surfers shoot out of the barrels of these collapsing walls... read more

10 Natural Wonders of Hawaii

Witness the unique differences between our six Islands of Aloha by visiting these amazing geographic wonders.  1. Waimea Canyon, Kauai Known as the “Grand Canyon... read more