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Is cruising the Panama Canal on your bucket list?

Opened in 1914 this epic man-made marvel changed the world in the process. There's no better way to discover this colossal wonder than on a... read more

eUpgrade Program Changes

Please find the details below:   eUpgrade Enhancements Lower eUpgrade credit requirements, which were introduced in July 2015 as special time-limited promo, will become the... read more

Get Gold with WestJet

You must provide proof of your top-tier status on the other OR travel rewards program before September 23, 2016 and take at least one WestJet... read more

Air Canada eUpgrades

Here's what you need to know. eUpgrades are based on credit and can be used for any eligible Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada... read more

5 Reasons to Go Guided with Collette

Are you curious about guided tours with Collette? Here are 5 things you can expect. Collette tour guides love their jobs and Having a guide... read more

Stuck in a Hotel During a Hurricane? Here's What to Do!

What to do when a Hurricane Watch is issued: Monitor radio and TV broadcasts for information regarding the storm's progress. Fuel-up your rental car and... read more

Canada’s new passport requirements - extended leniency to Nov 9

Update - Wednesday, Sept 21  Canada’s new passport requirements that were slated to come into effect in late September have been extended to Nov 9.... read more

Plan Ahead, What You Can Bring On The Plane To Eat

Most airlines these day only offer food for purchase onboard their aircraft. Their menus may not meet you dietary requirements so it is best to... read more

10 Tempting Reasons to Visit Brazil

The Olympics has placed Brazil atop the world’s podium as a must-see destination for many would-be travellers. As the games unfold, searches online for travel... read more

What Are Hurricanes? Know Before You Go.

What Are Hurricanes: Hurricanes are violent tropical storms with sustained winds of at least 74 mph. They form over warm ocean waters – usually starting... read more