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10 Unique Experiences in Las Vegas

Sure, you've strolled down the Strip and seen the fountains at the Bellagio, but have you taken a water slide through a shark tank? Thought not. Read... read more

What's New in Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas may look a little different than you remember it. The area's revitalization has brought with it many new opportunities, from accommodations at... read more

10 Vanishing Destinations

Travel is more than just a visit to a destination, it’s about seeing a place at a particular moment in time. It’s about understanding it... read more

Pack smart to avoid airline fees

Both Air Canada and WestJet have recently introduced a $25 fee for a passenger’s first checked bag on domestic flights. This has come as no... read more

Start Planning for Oktoberfest 2015!

It’s the beginning of October, and that means another Oktoberfest has come and gone in Munich. If you’ve never been to this iconic event, it’s... read more

Vegas for First-Timers

So, you've never been to Las Vegas. What's kept you? Never mind - let's stop talking, and start doing! The important thing here is that... read more

Planning a Trip with Kids

1. Brainstorm with your kids Ask for their ideas. Give your kids travel magazines and ask them to show you what kinds of images appeal... read more

Why should you use a Travel Agent?

Nothing can beat the value of personalised care and service that you receive from your travel agent.  Don't just take our word for it -... read more