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Try Dog Sledding This Winter

Sledding across fresh snow atop a frozen river is a great way to take in the outstanding scenery the Yukon has to offer. We learnt... read more

Thrill Seekers, Have you witnessed a Red Bull Crashed Ice Competition?

Have you heard about this extreme sport? Red Bull’s Crashed Ice is an intense downhill ice cross where racers set off down an icy ramp... read more

Puerto Princesa River in the Philippines, One of the World's Natural Wonders

Aptly nicknamed “the city in a forest,” Puerto Princesa city offers up a very unique natural wonder, it’s underground landscape. Puerto Princesa’s pride is easily... read more

Top 7 Experiences in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan. Where Silk Road Grandeur Meets Soviet Funk. For over a thousand years, the network of trading routes known as the Silk Road was flush... read more

Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

Imagine a situation where only glass separates you with a 918 feet drop... Now tell me that your adrenaline is not on hyper-drive, and I'll... read more

Visit the Valley of Fire, Las Vegas

Valley of Fire State Park is one of the places Southern Nevadans are most proud of - it's as spectacular during the day as the... read more

Why More and More Travellers Are Hitting the Road… Alone

Every traveller is unique. Some of us prefer local, off-the-beaten path experiences, while others thrive on high-paced adventure. Others still aim to find the world’s... read more

Galapagos Encounters: You Will See These 4 Animals

Here is G Adventure's run down of the top four animals you are likely to see during your Galapagos Adventure! Blue-Footed Booby How can you... read more

Q&A: The Inca Trail and the Permit Process

Why is the Inca Trail so popular? The Inca Trail is one of G Adventures’ most popular trips in the region, and is ideal for... read more

Western Ghats

The Western Ghats have been internationally recognized as a region of immense importance to the efforts of biological conservation. It is a region of high... read more