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5 Types of Romantic Getaways

From breathtaking panoramic views to soft white- and pink-sand beaches to spectacular sunsets and exotic hideaways. Need to relax? Stumble across a secluded beach where the... read more

Air Canada Premium Economy Expansion

Starting next year, passengers travelling from Vancouver and Montreal to London Heathrow will be treated to even more comfort. Enjoy priority check-in, larger seats with... read more

Resort trends in exclusive services

Many top resorts are competing for your travel dollar by offering a variety of exclusive perks and services for one all inclusive price. Depending on... read more

Why are All Inclusive Resorts so popular?

Top 3 reasons to choose an All-Inclusive Resort 1. Many resorts have activities and facilities on property for the whole family: children's water park, shows,... read more

Hurricane-Proof Your Next Trip

What is a Hurricane Guarantee Policy? A Hurricane Guarantee Policy is a type of insurance many hoteliers and some airlines offer travelers. It gives travelers... read more

What Are Hurricanes? Know Before You Go.

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Stuck In A Hotel During A Hurricane? Here's What To Do!

What to do when a Hurricane Watch is issued: Monitor radio and TV broadcasts for information regarding the storm's progress. Fuel-up your rental car and... read more

Adventure Starts from Great Hotels and Restaurants

Are you looking for places to visit in Europe? Think of Barcelona Hotels and Restaurants. Most people get stranded during holidays on which particular cities... read more