5 Romantic things to do in Paris

January 07, 2014

Paris is not called the romantic capital of Europe for nothing. For more than two millennia, this French Capital has influenced the world's culture, fashion and politics. It is no wonder then that there are hundreds of romantic things you can do in the city. In short, it is the place you take your fiancé, lover, or spouse for a romantic vacation or weekend getaway. Below are some of the things you can do to dazzle your lover.

1. Dance her crazy at Pont Marie

The banks of River Seine in Paris are ideal for the moonlight serenade. Waltz away at soft romantic tunes and then wind up the dance with a soft kiss on her lips. Trust me; you will be her new 'god'.

2. Enjoy a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne at Flûte

The gesture of buying one of the world's most expensive champagnes is enough to demonstrate your lover's value to you. The fact that is sipped at the Flûte adds to the allure. Can it get more romantic than this?

3. Dine at Le Baron Rouge

You can have a romantic dinner at the Le Baron Lounge. In fact, why don't you prepare for a passionate night by eating oysters and washing them down with some red wine? Make sure that the table is only lit with candles and overlooking the scenic Parisian streets.

4. Shop at Merci

What is the most romantic thing you have ever bought your loved one? It is time to get creative here. Do not just buy lingerie for her or a gold watch for him...these gifts have been overdone. A more creative gift will be an old CD of a romantic song you both love.

5. Exchange some love vows at Sacré Coeur

There is nothing as romantic as telling her/him how much you love them on top of Sacré Coeur as the howling winds and the stars witness. While at it, why not seal the exchange with a long kiss?

Paris is never short of romantic things to do. All you need is to get a little bit more creative.