10 Traits to Look for in a Travel Companion

June 02, 2016

Having a good travel companion is key for trips, especially when backpacking or doing a lot of moving about. When travelling on a multi leg journey improvising is important. Choose your travel buddy wisely, you will be spending quite a bit of time with him or her in unfamiliar places and possibly unusual situations. Here are some of our top tips when choosing a travel companion:

1. Sense of Direction
A great navigator will come in handy, someone who can read a map and generally has a good sense of which way to go.

2. Easy-Going
Not all trips go exactly as planned. Spending your travels with a laid-back person will make the little bumps much more pleasant and let you take inconveniences in stride.

3. Spontaneous
Going away with someone with an adventurous spirit means there will be unexpected encounters and experiences, which is where some of the best memories come from.

4. Street Smart
Book smarts are great and all, but when wandering the streets of a new city street smarts are what will come in handy.

5. Good Sense of Humour
The people you spend your time with will influence your mood. if faced with a delay it will be much more enjoyable waiting with someone funny rather than someone tiresome.

6. Open-Mind About Food
Having a wider ranging palette means you will enjoy varied food options. This gives you the chance to experience  the unique offers of the region. Try stopping to eat some of the local cuisine. Life is only lived once and familiar food from home is best eaten when you get home.

7. Generous
It helps when this goes both ways, as a vacation is a lot more fun when you don’t have to count every penny to split a bill perfectly. Getting a round of drinks or sharing travel essentials when one person runs out is really what it’s all about.

8. Similar Budget
If you are all about hostels and your bud is 5-star, there will be challenges.  It’s important to know ahead of time the kind of money your companion is willing to spend on things such as food, accommodations and fun.

9. Outgoing
Outgoing often goes hand in hand with approachable, which is ideal when asking for directions or meeting fellow travellers and locals.

10. Culturally Sensitive
Being respectful of other cultures and customs is extra important when visiting off the beaten path places or if English is not the first language spoken. Travelling with someone who wants to learn some local phrases, observe local customs and try local cuisine with an open mind means the trip will be much more enjoyable for you both.