Birders Finding Love on the Farne Islands

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Birders Finding Love on the Farne Islands

See why the Farne Islands have become a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Near England’s Northumberland are the series of islands, namely Farnes. With over 20 islands to offer, the Farne Islands is primarily known as an attractive sanctuary for seals and seabirds, such as the species of Shelduck, Rock Pipit, Mallard and Pied Wagtail.

Although you can’t expect drinks or food stands standing on the Farne Islands, you could always bring packed meals on your visit. It’s best to visit during the warm season, when you could see a great variety of wildlife and birds in the area. You could take a boat trip from Seahouses, and engage in a satisfying bird-watching activity.

Here’s an excerpt of a birding activity on the Farne Islands as published on Daily Mail UK Travel:

The Farne Islands are one of the natural highlights of the Northumbrian coast. Famed for providing sanctuary to St Cuthbert in the seventh century, Inner Farne is now renowned as a summer haven for nesting sea birds. For a unique wildlife experience, visit between April and July, or come later in the year to explore a more tranquil, historic island after the breeding season finishes… There can be as many as 50,000 birds on Inner Farne during the breeding season, including three different types of tern, puffin, shag, guillemot, razorbill and fulmar, eider duck, and waders like oystercatcher and ringed plover. They arrive in spring, lay eggs, hatch chicks and care for them, before departing in late summer to spend the rest of the year out in the North Sea or on difficult journeys across Europe and Africa. The Arctic tern even travels down as far as the Antarctic.

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