10 Reasons Why Travellers Need Travel Agents

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10 Reasons Why Travellers Need Travel Agents

Travel agents have so much to offer, come on in, we’d love to show you! Let us save time, hassles, aggravation and often, money as well.

To some it may come as a surprise that in this day and age of technology and the ability to booking online, travel agents are still in a booming business. A recent ASTA report uncovered that more than half of travel agents saw an increase in clients, transactions and revenue in recent years.

Here are 10 great reasons from a customer’s perspective why travel agents are more important than ever.

#1 More Bang For Your Buck
When booking a trip, travellers often say they want to see everything and experience the best a city has to offer. A travel agent can ensure a travellers dollars go a long way—and make sure they don’t miss that amazing restaurant down the street, or a special event going on that day in town.  A travel agent knows where to go and when.

#2 Help Plan An Itinerary
Planning ahead helps you make the most of your time and your money. A travel agent can give a clear schedule of what will be happening on a day-to-day basis if you like, and keep clear records of everything that is included in the trip; so valuable, especially on complicated itineraries.

#3 Accountability
Your travel agent takes on a great deal of responsibility when booking your holiday, they want to see you happy and ensure you enjoy your trip. A satisfied customer will come back and book again and that is what we all want.

#4 Knowledge
Travel agents have been doing the job for years and know all the ins and outs. They get to go on familiarization trips where they learn all about the destination first hand and travel agents attend ongoing training on various styles of travel, places, hotels and more. Instead of deciding where to go based on anonymous comments on a website, speak to someone who does this for a living and knows what they’re talking about.  

#5 Budgeting
A travel agent can help map out exactly how much a trip will cost, so there are no surprises. Does that excursion on Tuesday include lunch, for example, or do you have to buy your own? Does it pay to take the drinks package on the cruise ship, or pay for the excursions in advance? A travel agent can guide you and save you money.

#6 Insurance
A travel agent can offer insurance in a number of ways, from giving you firsthand knowledge of that hotel and the company running the excursion, to actually advising on which insurance policies are best for your individual needs, from trip cancellation to medical emergencies. They also insure that travellers will have the correct travel documents, so they don’t end up missing their plane or cruise. And when things do go wrong, travel agents have the resources to advocate for you to rectify the issue.

#7 Resources & Information
Yes, we have the internet, but there is so much still left unknown, especially in places that are undiscovered. With a couple clicks a travel agent can access resources a traveller simply cannot. Travel agents have access to exclusive deals and fares that are not publicaly visible.

#8 Exclusivity
With special negotiated rates and perks, travel agents can offer their clients benefits not readily available in the marketplace. A travel agent knows the new and upcoming destinations and the new places in them. Let’s face it, we all want to be a little bit different.

#9 Time Savings
Your time is valuable, and we understand that. Spending hours and weeks researching the perfect trip can take up a ton of time during a busy work week. Travel agents will get to know their clients and what they are looking for, and then put together an entire vacation customized for them.

#10 Leverage
Trying to get into a hotel and it says ‘sold out’? Had a last minute addition to a trip but all the rooms are booked? No problem. Travel agents spend years developing long-term relationships, and travel companies understand how important their repeat business is. Travel agents have leverage with many hotel companies and resorts, and are more likely to get what they want than a single consumer.

In short, if you have never visited a travel agent, come on in, we’d love to show you what we have to offer.  Let us save time, hassles, aggravation and often, money as well.

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