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Great staff at Uniglobe

I like knowing that I can phone and talk to a person instead of handling everything myself which became very evident in October, 2012,  I, along with my husband and sister-in-law were scheduled to fly out of Saskatoon, via Toronto, New York, to Shannon, Ireland, to welcome our new grandson (1 week old).  We had been monitoring the weather as Hurricane Sandy was building.  Well we all know what happened there.  As I was checking in on line on Sunday, the New York to Shannon flight had already been cancelled, and Toronto to New York was cancelled as I checked it.  Panic!  Now what?  I called the 1-800 number for Uniglobe, talked to an agent, who rescheduled all our flights for much later in the week, and advised us not to take the 6 am flight to Toronto.  The next morning at 8 am when our local office opened, I was on the phone and by noon, we were leaving on different flights Saskatoon - Calgary - London Heathrow - Shannon.  This is something I would never have been able to accomplish on my own.  We were so thankful to see our daughter and grandson, I will never book an international flight without my Travel Agent.  Actually we are scheduled to visit against this August, as we get ready to welcome another grandbaby.

Thank you to UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel on Circle Drive, who has been helping us plan our upcoming trip.  Thanks to our Travel Agents who have helped in the past.  Awesome group of women!

Toni D.