Canada Vacations

Discover this great country like never before. City getaways, wildlife adventures, golf vacations, winter adventures and so much more, Canada offers a wide range of experiences for any discerning traveller. 

From urban chic to Arctic splendour, from Maritime charm to the forests of the Pacific and the great Canadian Rockies, there is something for everyone. Get out there this year and make this your Canada!

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Explore our great nation with the most comprehensive air-inclusive collection!

Chose from four distinct regions to explore or if time permits, all four! 
Western CanadaEastern CanadaAtlantic CanadaNorthern Canada

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Urban Getaways

A few days in a new place is just what you need to refresh and recharge. New streets, new stories, new friends. Discover Canada's greatest cities with flights, hotel and a free excursion in one package.

Your package includes: flights and hotel accommodation

Guided Tours

No need to worry about the details, just focus on the fun! These guided tours bring you to the top places to visit in Canada, worry-free. All the flights, meals, activities and accommodations are taken care of, but that doesn't mean you won't be doing anything at all.

Your package includes: flights, hotel accommodation and guide throughout

Wildlife Adventures

The great Canadian wilderness is what sets this country apart! Head out and meet its inhabitants on these unforgettable wildlife tours, from seeing the seals of the Saint Lawrence, to visiting a polar bear habitat and whale watching.

Your package includes: flights, hotel accommodation and adventure

Fly & Drive Vacations

Love the rush and freedom of the open road? Then Fly & Drive vacation packages are right up your alley. Fly in, pick up your car and go! There's a suggested travel itinerary with hotel bookings along the way but other than that, you're free to explore with options that include flight and car rental.

Your package includes: flights, hotel accommodation and car rental

Fly & Rail Vacations

If you understand the romance and joy of train travel then rail tours are just the ticket. Let the smooth ride, great service and amazing vistas transport you from city to city. It's a great way to connect to the land and to the Canadian cities you visit.

Your package includes: flights, hotel accommodation and train transportation

Ski Vacations

Hit the slopes and leave the worries of the world on the chair lift. Take on the country's most famous ski hills with vacation packages that include flights, lift tickets, and your choice of the best ski resorts in Canada.

Your package includes: flights, hotel accommodation and ski lift tickets

Winter Adventures

Warm up to winter vacations in Canada! These travel packages let you experience the country's most exciting winter activities, from sleigh rides and snowshoeing in Banff to dog sledding and gourmet dining under the Northern Lights.

Your package includes: flights, accommodation and activities

Camping Trips

Go wild for the best camping and hiking in Canada! From canoe camping down the impressive Yukon River to hiking around Banff National park’s alpine meadows and lakes,  camping tours let you take in this great country's most majestic landscapes and sleep among its natural wonders.

Your package includes: flights, accommodation (hotel and tent), camping gear, most meals, activities as per itinerary and tour guide

Golf Vacations

Is your idea of the perfect getaway 18 holes in the cool morning light? We know exactly what you mean! We've got vacation packages at the best golf courses in Canada. Flights, hotel and rounds of golf are all included so you can really get into the swing of things.

Your package includes: flights, hotel accommodation, car rental and green fees

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