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New Premium Travel Options on Air Canada
Air Canada

Air Canada offers a variety of premium products including priority services, exclusive lounges, and personalized services on the ground, to unparalleled luxury and comfort on board their International Business Class and Premium Cabins.

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Introducing WestJet's Simplicity Program
It may be a short flight but WestJet thinks it's far and away the best way to travel for business. WestJet built Simplicity with the business traveller in mind. When you're travelling their Simplicity routes between Toronto and Montreal, Ottawa or New York LaGuardia, you'll enjoy ...

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Free Entertainment on Delta Air Lines
Delta Airlines

Delta Studio, the inflight entertainment system on Delta Air Lines, has long been one of the best entertainment systems amongst North American carriers. It has a great selection of content, the best user interface and availability on every 2-class aircraft in the Delta fleet. As of July 1, it will get even better when all content is free!

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App & Gadget of the Month
While Google Maps remains the most universal mapping option on the market, with reliable data across an incredibly broad set of markets, there are a number of competitors that are better in a limited set of specific markets. Citymapper is one them. Currently available in just over 30 cities worldwide, Citymapper uses a combination open data sources from city transit systems, third party data sources from companies like Uber and Car2go, and user data. The app is primarily targeted at residents and commuters, but can be valuable for travelers who want to consider a variety of modes of transportation. The app will give you options using city transit, ferries, commuter trains, Uber, Car2go and various other sources, depending on what is available in the specific city.

The app is available for free in the Apple and Google Play app stores.